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By Carol Dempson
November 30, 2015


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Staxyn claims to have an ingredient that is proven improve erections. It’s not the only product to make such a claim. In fact, there are hundreds of male enhancement products on the market.

How do you know if Staxyn is a good choice? Well, you research…but that takes time, so I’ve done the research for you. Hopefully, my review saves you time as you wade through all the male enhancement products to find the best one for you.

What Is Staxyn Supposed to Do?

First of all, Staxyn is a prescription male enhancement product. Most men who use it were diagnosed with erectile dysfunction and given a prescription by their doctor.

Staxyn is designed to increase blood flow to the penis. It should help men achieve an erection and maintain the erection during sexual activity.

Staxyn does not increase sex drive.

Is Staxyn Effective?

Staxyn’s active ingredient is the chemical vardenafil. It’s classified as a PDE5 inhibitor, which was the first effective oral treatment for erectile dysfunction. So, is Staxyn an effective treatment?

According to an international study with 73,946 men, the answer is yes. Prior to the study, participants’ erectile dysfunction ranged from mild to severe. After taking Staxyn, erectile function improved for almost everyone. In fact, whether their problem was mild or severe, the participants’ erectile function improved to the same level.

More than 90% of men experienced better, longer-lasting erections after taking Staxyn. 97% were able to use the product without experiencing side effects. This was impressive because these men weren’t all healthy. A good number had hypertension, diabetes, lipid metabolism disorder, and cardiovascular disease.[1]

Is Staxyn Safe?

Staxyn is generally safe, but there’s a reason you need a prescription for this product. If taken by the wrong person or in the wrong way, Staxyn may cause serious side effects or health issues.

Tell your doctor about the medications you’re taking and any medical conditions you have. Be sure to let your doctor know if you are affected by these conditions:

• Any heart diseases or issues including heart rhythm problems
• High or low blood pressure
• Seizures
• Blood or bleeding disorders (e.g. hemophilia)
• Hearing or vision problems

If your doctor has told you to avoid sexual activity for health reasons, do not take Staxyn.

Staxyn is only meant to be used by adult men who were diagnosed with erectile dysfunction.

Potential Side Effects to Know About

During the Staxyn study, these were the most commonly reported side effects. The percentages show how many people in the study experienced the side effect.

• Headache (14.4%)
• Flushing (7.6%)
• Nasal congestion (3.1%)
• Indigestion/upset stomach (2.8%)
• Dizziness (2.3%)
• Back pain (2%)

Stop using Staxyn and call your doctor if you experience these uncommon, serious side effects:

• Sudden vision loss
• Dizziness, nausea, or pain during sexual activity
• Ringing in the ears
• Chest pain that spreads to arm or shoulder
• Shortness of breath
• An erection that is painful or lasts longer than 4 hours

Avoid drinking alcohol or grapefruit juice while using Staxyn. These beverages interact with the product and may increase the risk and severity of side effects.

Staxyn User Reviews

WebMD.com has 21 customer reviews for Staxyn. These were the average ratings users gave the product:

• Ease of Use: 4.67 out of 5 stars
• Effectiveness: 3.33 out of 5 stars
• Satisfaction: 3.14 out of 5 stars

Satisfaction with Staxyn was low for 3 reasons: 1. Men said their erections didn’t improve after taking the product. 2. Several users experienced unpleasant side effects. One man’s side effects were so severe he went to the hospital and received a potassium IV. 3. Users said Staxyn is very expensive.

On Drugs.com, the ratings were much better. Nine users gave Staxyn an average 9.2 out of 10 rating. There were only 3 complaints from 3 users. One said Staxyn caused stomach upset, another got a stuffy nose, and the third said Staxyn wasn’t as effective as other products he’s tried.

I don’t know why the Drugs.com reviewers got better results than the WebMD.com reviewers. They didn’t seem to do anything different when they took Staxyn.

Suggested Use

Take 1 Staxyn tablet (10 mg) an hour before sexual activity. Do not take more than 1 tablet in a 24-hour period. Place the tablet on your tongue. It should dissolve quickly. Don’t chew it or wash it down with liquid. One user said Staxyn doesn’t work if you take it with water.

Simply taking Staxyn should not give you an instant erection. Rather, it improves your ability to achieve an erection through sexual stimulation. After sexual activity, blood flow decreases and the erection should go away.

How Much Does Staxyn Cost?

Because it’s a prescription product, I didn’t think Staxyn was sold online. But Kwikmed.org claims to sell genuine Staxyn products. You must complete an online consultation and a physician must approve your order before you can buy Staxyn.

The site sells 8 different package sizes. The smallest holds 4 tablets and costs $106. The “best deal” is 32 tablets for $611 or $9.54 a tablet!

From what I can tell, these prices are typical. Staxyn is not a cheap male enhancement product, unfortunately.

Is Staxyn the Best Choice?

During the study, Staxyn helped men achieve and maintain better erections. There were some side effects, but for the most part, the study participants tolerated Staxyn well.

Users also said Staxyn works. But based on the reviews I read, it doesn’t work for as many people as it did in the study. Users reported the same side effects as study participants did, but not very often.

The biggest downside to Staxyn is the cost. However, if you decide it’s worth the cost, talk to your doctor about getting a prescription.

If you can’t get a prescription or want a more affordable product, there are many effective natural male enhancement products available.


[1] Van Ahlen, H, J Zumbe, et al. “The Real-Life Safety and Efficacy of vardenafil (REALISE) study: results in men from Europe and overseas with erectile dysfunction and cardiovascular or metabolic conditions.” Journal of Sexual Medicine. 7.9 (2010): 3161-9.

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